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Preschool Learning Through Play!

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Welcome Center


This is our welcome center where the kids leave their back packs, coats and shoes and head into the classroom.  This is also where parent information is available.  

Reading Center/Calm Down Corner


Our reading center and Calm Down Place is just the spot to cozy up and read a book, snuggle with a stuffed animal or just take a minute away from the craziness. All of us need a little down time here and there and our little ones are no different. We even have breathing exercises and a yoga poses book for them to try to help them calm down and harness those crazy toddler emotions!

Learning Center/Circle Time


Our circle time center brings us all together in the morning to start the day, learn new lessons  and repeat old ones. When your little one arrives each day they have a personal tray with their name on it and a fun activity specifically picked out for them. It could have their favorite thing to do, a skill they are still working to master, or extra activities that keep pushing their learning at their level. It is also our art area and one on one learning center. It is the hub of our learning centers, where we sing, get to know each other, create and have fun!

Writing/Alphabet Center


Our writing and alphabet center focuses on fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, developing language skills, recognizing and sounding out the alphabet and cutting skills. So many fun games and activities to keep them learning while they are having fun!

Math & Science Center


Our math and science center is a hands on center that teaches little ones numbers and counting, measurements,  patterns, size comparison,  shapes, simple addition, about light and sound, mixing colors and how things work. There is always something new to learn!

STEM/Block Center


Our STEM center keeps your kids imaginations going and is a completely kid lead center. They learn problem solving, hand eye coordination,  cause and effect and geometry skills. They get to build and create with no wrong answers just their imagination running wild!

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Whiteboard/Magnetic Board Center


Our white board and magnetic wall is always a favorite. Endless fun with drawing and designing with markers, creating designs with magnets and gears or designing a marble track. Keeping their minds actively learning and engaged is easy when they are having fun and being creative!

Sensory Bin Center


Our sensory table center is a hands on area that your little ones can literally dig in to knowledge.  They learn about their senses, properties of different materials, refine their fine motor skills, be creative thinkers and how to explore objects through touch!

Outdoor Playground


We play outside at least 30 minutes a day to get out all the wiggles.  We have a fun playground they can climb and slide on, cars to drive, tricycles to ride, a sand pit to dig and play in, a natural dirt pit to create and be one with nature and a water table to splash and play in.  Most of the playground is covered in soft colored astro turf to cushion falls and scraps, but we also have a large cement area perfect for chalk drawing and bouncing balls!

Pretend Play Kitchen Area


Our dramatic play area changes with every theme and brings a little of each center into it. Kids are welcome to role play as a store keeper, customer, tourist, vet, doctor, paleontologist,  farmer, astronaut or what ever the theme is for that week. Fine motor skills and math are put to work with order taking and making and of course running the register! Our surf snack shack is open for business now with yummy treats for our beach goers!

Pretend Play Kitchen Area


Each theme fills the kitchen with different foods and items to create, new shopping list or menus and fun items to play with. We even get some writing skills in with our math on the whiteboard keeping track of orders and how much is needed.  

Pretend Play Extended Area


This portion of our dramatic play is transformed every couple of weeks into a completely new experience, An apple farm to pick apples, a dinosaur dig, a space landing, a flower garden, a vet's office, a doctors office or a school, with props and dress up items they can truly get their imagination going.  Right now we are at the beach with a beach shop rental area and lifeguard stand.