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Preschool Learning Through Play!


Calendar & Schedule

2019-2020 Calendar

At  Little Monkeys our half day programs follow the Murrieta Unified School District school year calendar.  The school year begins August 14th, 2019 and ends May 29th, 2020. The following days are the days we take off for each month.


14 - First day of school for PreK AM and PM Classes

15 - First day of school for Tot Class


2 - Labor Day


11 - Veteran's Day

21-29 - Thanksgiving Break


23-31 - Winter Break


1-10 - Winter Break

20 - Martin Luther King Day


14 - President's Day Weekend

17 - President's Day Weekend


30-31 - Spring Break


1-3 - Spring Break


25 - Memorial Day

28 - Last day of school for Tot class

29 - Last Day of school and graduation for 3 day and 4 day a week PreK Classes

**Calendar is subject to change at anytime.


Our day always starts out with a warm greeting, I do not do set in stone time for our activities because I feel it is important to feel out the activities being done and don't like to rush kids to stick to a set schedule.  We keep things moving without the rigidness of permanent time frames.


Tray Work - Each child will find a tray with their name on it and a personalized activity for them to work on.  These activities either help them in areas they are struggling, a favorite activity or push them to learn more.

Circle Time - After a fun morning song we meet our classmates and teacher and then go over our calendar, days of the week, months of the year, seasons and weather and begin our lesson for the day.  We also practice learning and writing our name.

Snack Time - A healthy snack to keep our minds and bodies going.

Centers - At this time we head to centers, usually 2 kids per center at a time and we rotate so each child gets plenty of time at each center that is open for the day. 

Outdoor Play - We head outside to get some energy out and get some sun!

Arts & Crafts - After outdoor play we can sit down and create our master pieces.

Music and Movement - At the end of the day we get together to read a story, sing some songs and dance and move!