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Preschool Learning Through Play!

Preschool Learning Through Play!

Preschool Learning Through Play!Preschool Learning Through Play!



Our Curriculum

Little Monkeys is a play based learning environment which uses traditional centers and themes to introduce teacher lead and student lead hands on activities.  Our curriculum is a mix from Pocket of Preschool, Learning Connections and Handwriting Without Tears.  We love using Handwriting Without Tears because it teaches your little ones the same letter formation techniques that are also used in Murrieta School District kindergarten classes.  We have a small 6 to 1 ratio that will give your little one the one on one attention they need, with a classroom feel to get them ready for moving up to Kindergarten.

We know that every child learns differently and at their own pace.  Within our centers we use multiple ways of learning, from hands on activities, songs and movement, worksheets, creative art, imaginative play and of course interactive games,  Here are the areas of learning that we cover within our centers:

  • Pre-reading Skills:

               Upper and lower case recognition
               Letter sound recognition
               Rhyming, nursery rhymes
               Left to Right

                Sight Words

  • Handwriting Skills:

                Holding a pencil correctly
               Letter formation
               Writing their own name

  • Mathematics:

                Shape recognition
               Number recognition
               Counting skills
               Sorting, patterns and sequencing

               Addition and subtraction
               Problem solving

  • Science:

                Exploring the world around them
               Life Processes
               Earth and Space
               Earths Resources
               Scientific Investigation
               Force and Motion
               Properties of Matter


  • Art:

                Color recognition
               Fine motor skills
               Scissor cutting skills
               Coloring skills

                Drawing with basic shapes
               Use of a variety of mediums

  • STEM


                 Cause and effect

                 Sizes and shapes

                 Hand eye coordination

                 Problem solving

  • ​Sensory

                 Collecting data

                 Size and classification

                 Refine fine motor skills

                 Explore objects through touch

At Little Monkeys Preschool we believe that academics are not the only thing that little learners need to be taught.  Social skills are also very important and can be a huge problem for some children heading into kindergarten with no experience or knowledge.  We teach your little one sharing, cooperation, classroom do's and don't's, about their emotions and the right and wrong ways to handle those emotions, following directions and having a structured routine.  With all these skills they will excel in any classroom in their future head into kindergarten confident and sure of themselves.